Our tips and advice to lose 14 kg in 6 weeks!

You have decided to lose all your extra pounds in a month and a half and your weight loss goal is your top priority . So, how do you go about dieting effectively and burn efficiently – without ruining your health – all the extra calories?

Our tips and advice to lose 14 kg in 6 weeks
Can not lose 14 kg in less than 2 months without the advice of professionals

Take care, when you have a significant number of pounds to lose, about 5, it is important not to start a diet lightly. The first reflex to adopt is to talk to your general practitioner about your motivation and it will refer you to a dietitian or a nutritionist.

Because, you will radically have to transform your relationship to food. The other slimming expert to find for burning fat , which has accumulated for a long time and especially after the time of pregnancy is a sports coach.

The latter will know according to your morphology and your goal to lose weight in a few weeks , find and build a series of interval training with exercises to melt your fat.

Practice fitness aimed at cardio to lose 14 kg in 6 weeks

The sport will be one of your best allies to lose weight permanently and above all, feel good during your diet, which you will follow for several weeks. Cardio exercises will be practiced on a regular basis and you can also indulge in a daily running of about 45 minutes to observe an effect on the love handles with a strengthening of your lap belt.

Of course, with the choice of a sports coach , especially after a delivery, you will be sure to melt your unsightly fat quickly Slimlook Forskolin without the risk of damaging your muscles or ruin the health of your body.

Lose 14 kg in 6 weeks by indulging in a detox cure under control

However, the only practice of fitness exercises will not be enough to allow you to lose weight effectively and sustainably.

Indeed, the condition sine qua non to slim down significantly in 1 month and a half, is to devote to a kind of fast during all these weeks, banishing carbohydrates and lipids.

It is under the guidance of an expert in nutrition, who after studying your deep motivation to lose weight in a consistent way , will establish a balance sheet of your usual calorie intake. As a result, he will be able to offer you the bespoke dietary program by introducing mainly animal and vegetable protein with many green vegetables and the right dose of fruit.

So yes, lose more than 10 kg in less than 2 months, especially after pregnancy is something possible. Strict food program and targeted cardio sport program will be your two best allies . The opportunity also to discover a new sport technique with the kettlebell that promises you to lose 20 calories per minute.

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