Sugar-free detox menu

Often, to lose weight, sport is not enough. You must then decide to follow a diet , especially when your goal is to have a flat stomach. Opting for a sugar-free detox menu allows for rapid weight loss over a short period of time.

Admittedly, it is not easy to follow. But with a little motivation , this healthy method will even bring virtues you never thought of.

The slimming program in practice
This plan can only be followed for a maximum of 5 days . The duration is limited because of the deficiencies that the body will manifest. After a session of cure, it will be keto drox necessary to observe a pause of a week to 10 days.

This does not mean that you will need to re-feed fatty foods, sugar and gas. You will just be allowed to eat lean meat , fats and carbohydrates at reasonable amounts.

It is advisable to start this slimming treatment after the holidays or after the occasional excesses. In this way, excessive calories will be directly eliminated.

Other benefits of the diet
The detox menu also improves your health in the long run. Your food will, for example, be better in your intestines. But in addition, you can rest your liver and avoid irritable bowel syndrome.

Sugar-free type detox menu
Breakfast : 2 bananas, 2 apples, 20cL of lemon juice
Lunch : 500 g steamed green beans, 20 cL strawberry juice
Taste : 2 bananas
Dinner : vegetable soup , 20cL of pear juice
For cooking and mixing ingredients, you can use the Thermomix kitchen robot which is very versatile.

The principle of diet
It is a diet based on fruits and vegetables, also without meat. This radical change will eliminate any excess fat in your body . Of course, it will only turn to organic ingredients to not harm your health.

In addition, you can prepare homemade dishes, which will be much more economical.

The idea of ​​the sugar-free detox menu is to clean your body thoroughly. The recipes based on fruits and keto drox vegetables that are proposed to you will lose up to 3 kg in one session.

It remains to be patient and not to make too many sprains during the short period of stabilization .

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