Running in the water to lose weight?

Are you spending your holidays at the sea this year? We have found a way to enjoy beaches, sea water and sun while losing weight: the race in the water! Discover the benefits of this practice here and adopt it throughout your summer.

How does running in the water help to lose weight?

Running in the water, you burn more calories than if you ran on land. Why ? It’s important to know that water is resistant to your movement, so your muscles need to work harder. Of course, this requires extra energy. Your body will draw that energy from its fat stores and you will lose weight.

  • Other effects of running in the water
  • By running regularly in the water, you help to tone your body;

Your metabolism is maintained at a high level;

The pressure of the water on the body acts as a massage during your run. Your muscles contract and relax, and all this helps to drain cellulite , which you can end up being rid of permanently;

Stroke in the water stimulates your circulation (especially since it takes place in a medium at a temperature generally lower than that of the body) and improves your cardiac activity.

Advantages of running in the water and tips for practicing it

If we want to compare the race in the water to the traditional race, that is to say on land, we can point out that contrary to the second, the first activity does not intensely demand the joints. If during a jog they experience repeated shocks , water is a valuable support when running in the water.

How long and how often do you have to run in water to achieve your weight loss goals? If you’re already a fan of jogging, just try to keep up the pace you’ve got on dry land. If you ran every day for 45 minutes, try doing the same in the water. This will be more difficult the first time, because of the resistance of the water, but it is at this price that you lose weight faster.

If you can, why not bring along friends or your partner? Your aquatic race will be more fun!

Running in the water can help you lose weight. An activity that promises to bring you new and more fun sensations compared to a classic jog while helping you get a more beautiful silhouette. Do not miss it if you live near the beach!

When to eat to lose weight?

The time we eat has a great influence on our ability to lose weight. To lose weight healthily and naturally , one dissociates the consumed food. We aim for a balanced diet and we choose the right moment to eat. Man or woman, make quickly your watch, the ally of your balance.

Breakfast at the right time

It is advisable to have a balanced and energetic breakfast at 7 o’clock not to have a munchies before the lunch. You must therefore favor protein foods to ensure the feeling of fullness over a longer period . At breakfast, do not hesitate to consume grains and grains whole, your allies for optimal intestinal function.

A snack that falls right

10am is the perfect time to have a healthy snack that will do you good, with reduced quantities. Choose foods that appeal to the chewing function . You are forced to eat slowly for better digestion. You can bet on organic raw vegetables ( carrot sticks , radishes, cucumbers , Chinese cabbage in salad …) soaked in lean yoghurt.

When to eat lunch to keep the line?

In order to optimize your chances of losing weight, it is recommended to have lunch between 12:30 and 13:00 (avoid a gap beyond). However, it must be balanced to avoid snacking during the afternoon . That’s why you need to eat more legumes and starchy foods and less fat-rich foods.

A healthy snack to hold until evening

It must intervene 3 or 4 hours after the lunch, at 16 hours in the ideal. Avoid as much as possible caloric and low nutrient foods. Divert foods that are too rich in fiber, which can cause bloating at this stage.

If you are hypersensitive to gluten with transit disorders , follow in this case a suitable and gluten-free diet with the doctor’s consent. You can eat for example milk chocolate with a banana , especially if you play sports once a day.

The right moment to have dinner

For dinner, the correct time to optimize weight loss is between 18h and 18h30. Even if it’s early, it saves you too much snacks or going to bed with a little digested meal. It is therefore essential not to dine too late at night. Make simple recipes, alternating hot and cold entrees depending on the day.

Let yourself be tempted by a vegetarian meal (exotic salad and stuffed vegetables) or vegan (lettuce and lentils in wraps, Thai soup with coconut milk and tofu). Eat at the same time as your family, it’s essential!

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