Proteins to fight against water retention

The body can not sometimes well eliminate your excess water because it can no longer balance the water removed (urine, perspiration, etc.) and that assimilated (water content in your food , etc.). This phenomenon is called water retention .

Fluid retention may be caused by nutritional imbalance and, in some cases, by a lack of protein. Let’s see what to do to combat this fluid retention thanks to proteins.

Consume the right proteins to fight water retention
Fluid retention is strongly related to poor circulation , water escapes from your capillaries and seeps into your tissues. By decongesting your tissues, you lose a few centimeters on natura farms keto┬ásome parts of your body (face, belly, thighs, arms, knee, ankles, foot …), you smooth your orange skin and you also act on your cellulite.

If the amount of protein in your blood is not enough, the water does not accumulate in your blood but in your tissues without being reabsorbed . You can thus inflate.

The best treatment to overcome this phenomenon is to eat the right protein for not having protein deficiency (between 55 grams and 65 grams for a man each day, and between 45 grams to 55 grams for a woman). It will be necessary to privilege the vegetal proteins, contained in your complete cereals, oleaginous (nuts, nuts, almonds, etc.), the leguminous (lentils, quinoa, soya, etc.). It is also possible to drink vegetable milk.

So with a diet rich in protein , your liver produces albumin that prevents water from leaking into your tissues and concentrating on it. But it is important to rely on the right proteins to remove the symptoms of water retention.

Have good nutrition to combat water retention
To eliminate your fluid retention, you need to rely on a balanced diet rich in protein . Because proteins play an important water-repellent role by expelling water from your body (especially as part of a protein diet).

Do not bet on any proteins. Fish (salmon, tuna, cod, sea bream, saithe, etc.) and white meats (chicken, turkey, etc.) , as well as vegetable proteins such as soya, should be favored . On the other hand, we must avoid cold cuts that contain proteins, but are too salty.

In order for your diet to be balanced, you also need to eat less salt and more fruits and vegetables to replenish vitamins and promote transit.

Do not forget your starchy foods, preferably complete . A key to effective anti-water nutrition? A balanced diet rich in protein as natural as possible.

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