Program: running to refine the thighs

It seems that losing weight is the trend again nowadays. All parts of the body pass from cheeks to calves. But today we will focus on a specific theme: “thighs” and more particularly, slimming thighs by running.

Here is a program and some tips to refine your thighs!

What program to lose thighs?
Depending on the endurance, a session can last between 20 minutes to 1 hour. In preparation, stretch slimquick keto your legs and thighs well and start at 50% speed before going up gradually to a maximum of 80%.

Insert break times every 10 minutes followed by 3 minutes of jump ropes to maximize effort on the thighs. Do it all at least 3 times a week.

The equipment “special thin thighs”
To optimize your running performance (we are talking here about endurance racing and not sprinting), it would be better to bring light shoes with thin soles. For this, we recommend minimalist competition shoes that minimize contraction times.

The treadmill is optional. Although practical, it is not essential and it is quite viable to practice in the open air. However, in this case it is wise to choose a flat and hard ground like asphalt and avoid sandy areas and made of soft earth.

In addition, running in flat terrain is also advised always to minimize the contractions, the ups and downs favoring more contractions.

The race is therefore a simple and economical way to lose weight thighs. However, to achieve convincing results, it is necessary to maintain a certain consistency in the effort provided.

So what kind of race should we adopt to lose weight?
If the goal is to lose weight purely in the sense of losing fat, the land and air race are both adapted.

However, if the objective is simply to lose volume, the aerial form is obviously the most suitable because it allows, thanks to the explosive nature of its movements to burn fat and refine the muscles without hypertrophying.

Losing thighs with running: how does it work?
Basically, the race itself is the ultimate exercise to lose weight. Indeed, by its nature of cardio exercise , it forces the body to make great efforts over time, to spend large amounts of energy and therefore to draw on its reserves of fat to eat.

This action will undeniably lead you to lose weight in full.

If we look at the more focused part of the thighs, we need to understand some of the concepts.

What makes the thighs lose weight exactly?
The answer to this question lies in the contraction time. The longer it is, the more muscle will gain volume. In both cases, the muscle will lose in fat but will gain in mass.

So to get larger muscles, prefer longer contraction times with earthly strides where you put the entire foot on the ground during the race.

However, if you want to have slimquick keto thighs more refined, it will focus on explosive contractions and therefore shorter.

For this, we must think of adopting aerial-type strides of running where we put the front of the foot on the ground before “take off”.

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