How to lose weight in 3 days?

Your face seems too round and you want to eliminate this excess fat quickly . It is true that fat accumulates at the level of double-chin and cheeks are very stubborn and may require a lot of time to leave completely.

But here are several effective solutions to obtain quick effects and concrete results from 3 days …

With specific exercises
The facial gymnastics are excellent for strengthening the forehead, chin and days and also prevent natura farms keto wrinkles. The ideal is to practice them every morning in front of his mirror. They consist of successive changes in your facial expression.

To lose weight from the forehead : – look straight ahead and make very fast eyebrow movements (from top to bottom) – pulling your forehead with your hands, gently lower your eyebrows and blink your eyelids – then remove your hands and without wrinkling forehead, hold and relax eyebrows.

For the cheeks : – open your mouth as if you want to pronounce the letter O- then place your tongue on the cheek and make circular movements with it – repeat this movement 10 to 20 times on each side. You can also: – grasp a pencil with your teeth while pulling your mouth – then pretending to write words or draw figures in the air and this, during 3 minutes.An interesting third movement is also to smile by closing mouth and pulling your cheeks to the ears as much as possible.

For the chin and the bottom of the figure : – Sit with your back straight – Lift your head to the sky and look straight ahead – Make this gesture several times, but especially without forcing.- Then try to touch the bottom your nose with the lower lip then release. – Finish by pronouncing the vowels aloud.

With homemade masks
– The first mask will use the cold, which is excellent for activating blood circulation and therefore for burning fat . Prepare your special ice cubes with half a liter of water, 1 kg of green tea , 3 spoonfuls of horsetail, 3 spoonfuls of soluble coffee, 1 handful of rosemary leaves and 1 handful of climbing ivy.

Boil everything for 15 minutes, then let cool and place in the freezer in an ice cube tray. Each morning, take an ice cube and make circular movements on the whole of the figure.

– The second mask is for oily skin . Live yeast should be used with egg white and lemon juice. Mix everything to the desired consistency.- The last mask is for normal to dry skin . You have to mix oatmeal , 2 or 3 drops of retinol and bran .

For these two masks (oily, normal or dry skin), here is the process to follow:

– first apply the composition in 2 or 3 layers on the figure, neck and décolleté – lie down with your head facing back to pull your chin – wash after 15 minutes. You can do these masks once a week .

With a diet
To slim down the figure, have a perfect figure and look good, the mode and type of diet are important . Indeed, the thinning of the figure passes necessarily by that of the body and to obtain results, you need a weight loss of at least 5 kilos .

For this you need:

– remove sugar and salt for 1 month – avoid preserves, sausages and processed meat – respect 5 meals a day, spaced every 2.5 hours to 3 hours – do not exceed more than 200 g of food consumed by meal (check on an electronic scale) – drink at natura farms keto cost least 2 liters of water a day (with a glass of water 15 min before each meal) – prepare slimming soups that have burn-fat properties (especially when they are based on cabbages, onions , carrots, celery, tomatoes and broccoli).

In conclusion, by following this program to the letter (sports, face masks and diet ) , you are guaranteed to lose weight very quickly.

Do not hesitate to accentuate the process by regularly massaging your skin when it is clean, dry and well cleansed.

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