How to lose 18 kg in 5 months?

During pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes considerable changes as a result of weight gain. It is therefore normal that young mothers want to recover their figure after giving birth. However, they must choose the slimming program adapted to their situation.


It must then be followed to the letter to avoid the undesirable effects yo-yo . In addition, it is equally important to practice regular physical exercises. In addition to yoga, it is possible to opt for bodybuilding that is not only for men.

How to lose 18 kg in 5 months

The Dukan Diet to Refinish Effectively

This method is one of the most used. It allows you to quickly lose the extra pounds in a dozen days through the attack phase. During this one, you only eat high protein foods according to a well-defined list.

These ingredients can be consumed at will to avoid the feelings of hunger . You can then gradually integrate dairy products and vegetables during the cruising phase. As for that of consolidation, it depends on the number of pounds lost since it takes 10 days of consolidation per kilo.

The last step is to reintroduce all types of foods in your diet, but in small quantities. This allows you to stabilize your weight and avoid resuming it as soon as you stop the diet.

The Weight Watchers Method

This slimming program has been very successful since its creation some fifty years ago. Its secret is based on meetings between all those who participate. This environment allows you to preserve your motivation until you reach your goal . Each memberĀ Ez3 Keto supports each other while sharing tips and tricks for more effective weight loss. During these meetings, you can also discuss points that you have doubts about. Feedback from other participants gives you clear and precise answers.

The practice of a sport promoting weight loss

It is not enough to adopt a healthier and more balanced diet to find your figure . You should also consider practicing sport by finding the right activity for your situation. It is indeed very important that you can have fun so that you do not give up.

The secret of this technique lies in the regularity of squatting three times a week with a one-day interval training . So you can alternate with yoga that helps you work your cardio and your breath.

To effectively lose 18 kg in 5 months, you have better choose the right slimming program. This includes both a diet and physical activity.

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