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Here’s how stretching and routine breathing can improve your life

Most yoga classes are followed by a majority of fit, flexible women dressed in tight clothing. But, contrary to what you might think, it’s not just a sport for women. And we have tons of reasons why you should do it – other than flirting with women.

With yoga, you will refine your mental focus, rid your system of toxins, and perhaps even increase your performance in the bedroom. You can even touch your toes – improved flexibility is a bonus for just about any sport.

Yes, the actual results of regular yoga practice are very practical , and you do not need special equipment – just a little space and a rug. Here’s how this stretching supplement will not only improve your other workouts, but also your life.

Relieve stress
We all find ways to handle stress . But Terrence Monte, a management professor at Pure Yoga, says, ” Going to gyms or hitting punching balls can make you more aggressive or more tired .” Yoga, on the other hand, employs a number of relaxation Trialix techniques, which, with regular practice, can make you calmer overall. Sadie Nardini, Rock Your Yoga Facilitator, adds: “In addition to training your body, yoga trains your mind to see the big picture and act from integrity instead of panic. If you want to be more James Bond than Charlie Sheen, get on the carpet . Being forced to disconnect for 60 to 90 minutes does not hurt either.

To be flexible
Most sets of yoga asanas (physical postures) include one or more spinal turns to loosen the many joints that make up your spine. This can improve your tennis game and your golf swing, as well as promote detoxification and good digestion. Yogi Cameron Alborizan, Ayurvedic healer, yoga guru and author of The One Plan, says, ” Think of the body as a sponge filled with dirty water from the sink. Soft twists help to wring out the sponge and purge the toxins. ”

Sculpt the muscles
Yoga uses the weight of your own body to build mass and strength. You do not believe in it ? Think about the number of clunky free weights it takes to squeeze your body weight – yoga allows you to get the same muscle development benefits by doing long pushups, squats and leis. The results are well-worked muscle groups, which become stronger.

Prevent injuries
Most yoga classes begin with a reminder to honor the needs and limitations of your body that day. This basic ability to scan and evaluate yourself as you practice will help reduce injuries when running or playing other sports. In addition, flexible and well-stretched yoga muscles heal and recover more quickly after training or tension.

Have better sex
One way to improve your performance in the bedroom is to translate all these relaxation and breathing techniques of the yoga class into a better, longer sexual relationship. Yogi Cameron says that these enhanced concentration abilities will help you focus your mind and channel your sexual energy better, helping to prevent premature ejaculation. ” This can lead to increased sexual stamina, ” he says, and will make you much more sensitive and receptive to your partner. Trust us, she will thank you.

Push one’s limits
There are many types of yoga classes, some softer than others. But when do you find the class that fits and pushes your abilities? ” Warning ! Nardini said. ” With long shots and often continuous movements, you will increase your cardio at the same time as you develop lean muscle mass throughout the body. Find a class with ‘power’, ‘vinyasa,’ or ‘flow’ in the title, and you can skip the gym that day. ”

Calm your mind
In the middle of a busy schedule , engaging in the relaxed space of a yoga class might be the only way for some men to slow down and breathe right. Scott Rodwin, founder of Radiance Yoga, explains that breathing exercises, called pranayama, have been developed over thousands of years to calm and tame this endless stream of thoughts. This, he says, leads to greater concentration as you work in each posture – and, in most cases, a calm that lasts the rest of the day.

To feel better
Seriously. Michael Hewitt, founder of the Sarva Yoga Academy says that yoga is very important for waste disposal. ” Regular practice is more effective than cologne, ” he says. Expiration and sweating help to get rid of toxins during the course, so that eventually your sweat will smell sweeter. ” After a class ,” says Hewett, “your body is cleaner, more confident, and more focused than when you arrived .”

9. Set goals
Most yoga teachers ask you to set an intention for this particular session or in another part of your life. Just saying something in your head like ” I’ll be easier with myself for an hour ” can have far-reaching effects. ” We all know how to get what we want ,” said Monte, ” but many of us have a hard time knowing what we want. Yoga can help this issue become more real, tangible and accessible in everyday life . “

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