Glycine: benefits for bodybuilding?

Available in powder or capsule form, glycine is now one of the most popular dietary supplements in the field of sports nutrition.

Taken alone or with other amino acids , it greatly enhances and improves performance. Update on its main benefits for bodybuilding.

What is glycine?
Like glutamine or arginine, glycine is on the list of basic amino acids that play a major role in sports performance, especially in bodybuilding. It is more specifically the smallest slimquick keto amino acid directly associated with the formation of collagen , along with lysine and proline.

It should be known that this amino acid plays a precursor role of collagen . By occupying a place of choice in the composition of the joints, it prevents any injuries and heals joint injuries.

To these are added a reduction in pain and a marked improvement in mobility.

Non-essential amino acid, glycine is present in foods with a high protein content such as fish , meat and organic dairy products. Taken as part of a slimming program, it also reduces the storage of abdominal fat.

Increase muscle mass
Glycine is included in the list of amino acids that contribute to the growth of muscle mass . In the majority of cases, it is more common to take this amino acid before training. This measure makes it possible to avoid the degradation of the muscles.

In the long run, it significantly improves the process of muscle development as a whole . It also happens that glycine becomes a supplement taken after training, with an infusion with essential oil.

For this second case, a series of studies has confirmed that this amino acid has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and at the same time facilitates the recovery of the nervous system.

Intensive training and better recovery
Glycine also plays a major role in increasing the intensity of training. By eliminating toxic substances from the body such as lactic acid, it allows bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to train more , more intensively.

It also gives them the opportunity to train even longer, and to have better endurance . According to a number of studies and reviews, glycine improves glucose uptake, especially in endurance athletes. Such a property has a significant impact on carbohydrate reserves before any competition.

In addition to restoring muscle glycogen stores, they also improve recovery after training. A must-have solution for athletes.

Many practitioners take glycine at night, with a shake before bedtime, to stimulate any signal molecule that increases during sleep, and therefore improve the recovery process.

Glycine is a basic amino acid that dramatically improves bodybuilding performance. It is important to know the ideal time to take it and its use, at the right dosage, in order to take full advantage of its health benefits and virtues without danger or side effects.

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