Foods allowed in the Fodmap diet

Created in 2005 by Australian nutritionist Sue Shepard, the Fodmap diet aims to relieve people suffering from irritable bowel symptoms.

Based on a particular diet, including meals without fermentable carbohydrates, see what foods are allowed in this diet for you to find an optimal level of intestinal comfort …

The fruits
The diet recommends adding low fructose to its daily menus.

You will consume as follows:

all citrus (lemon, grapefruit, orange, clementine …)
berries and berries (strawberries, currants, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries …)
exotic products (banana, pineapple, passion fruit …).
By cons, you limit your juice consumption to 125 mL per day (which is half a glass).

The vegetables
The diet also recommends the consumption and use of vegetables (high in starch and low in fructose) in your daily recipes .

You will eat as follows:

vegetables rich in starch (sweet potato, potato, parsnip …)
salad (watercress, lettuce,┬ánutrix slim keto endive, lamb’s lettuce …)
cabbages (broccoli, kale, savoy cabbage …)
leeks, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, spinach
beans and beans.
Lactose-poor dairy products
To compensate for the lactase deficiency (enzyme that digests lactose), you will add lactose-poor dairy products or vegetable milks to your diet .

You will take as follows:

lactose-free dairy products
whipped cream or coconut cream
vegetable milks (soy, rice, almond or coconut)
cheese and dairy sheep
old cheeses (parmesan, cheddar, gouda …)
yoghurts made from coconut milk, soya milk or delicatessen.
Grain products
In your kitchen , you will prefer certain cereals that do not cause any difficulty of digestion. You will use:

gluten-free bread
leavened bread
quinoa, corn, rice, sorghum and millet
rice-based products ( rice pasta, rice cakes, crackers …)
corn products (polenta, cornflour, tortilla).
Sweet products
In the list of authorized products , the diet allows some sugars in moderation. They must be low in fructose and polyols. They are :

white sugar
Brown sugar
Maple syrup
jam without fructose
stevia (maximum 2 sachets per day)
Other recommended foods
The diet also recommends eating:

tea and herbal teas
oilseeds (except pistachios and cashew)
vegetable oils
condiments and spices.
In conclusion, the Fodmap diet is not a basic weight loss diet but a diet designed to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowels. But with its diet, it can also lose weight quickly.

For this, he advises to chew well and take the time to eat. And you have to consume the fruits at the end of the meals (never alone) while making sure to have a good fat and protein intake during each of your meals.

Flee light and 0% products, as well as chewing gum and other sweets. And after a few weeks, gradually re-enter the other foods by taking the time to observe the symptoms.

But do not forget to keep a healthy and balanced diet to keep you healthy!

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