Our advice to lose 16 kg in 4 months!

Summer is fast approaching and you still have those extra pounds that you do not like and bother you. No way to show your body until you get over it quickly . Discover how to lose 16 pounds in 4 months . This is a difficult challenge and no way to do it anyhow.

The point is to lose weight permanently.

Our advice to lose 16 kg in 4 months

Eat healthy to lose weight

Whether you have gained weight after childbirth or because of an unhealthy lifestyle, it will be to rehabilitate your diet. Needless to embark on a diet like cabbage soup or other food-based deprivation , you would get only frustrate you.

The goal is to lose fat slowly but surely. So focus on fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and unsaturated fats. Control your portions. For that, chrononutrition and Weight Watchers will be allies of choice.

Eat healthy every day by drinking water and avoid alcohol , soft drinks and sugary hot drinks . Remember to surround yourself with a dietician if you feel the need or if you need a vegetarian program or other.

Burn calories through sport

The goal will be to lose 1 kilo a week to reach your goal. For that, you will have to accumulate a loss of 500 calories by the sport with 750 to 1000 calories less on your diet.

Put yourself in the cardio at a rate of two to three walking sessions per week . Start by walking for 30 to 40 minutes per session before you in the Running trails on road or treadmill , the elliptical , swimming, fitness or exercises to do at home . These sports, like jogging , are real burners of fat . They will require a real effort but will make you lose easily .

Continue your sports sessions Keto Genesys by starting to target areas of your body: the belly , thighs, glutes, arms, through a weight training program . Staying active will be the key to your weight loss! And whether you are young or not!

If losing 16 pounds in 4 months will require effort, it will not be impossible. On the contrary, it could make you discover a completely different way of life with multiple benefits.

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