Our 5 tips to avoid the yoyo effect after dieting

Dieting to the end and succeed in losing a lot of pounds, that’s good. But being able to maintain this loss of weight durably is even better. Unfortunately, there are still many people who quickly resume some or even more pounds than they lost after a diet.

To avoid being a victim of this phenomenon called the yoyo effect , here are 5 tips that have already proven themselves.

Our 5 tips to avoid the yoyo effect after a diet

  1. Observe a stabilization phase

As soon as you have finished your diet, slowly re-integrate foods that you have banned or reducedĀ Keto Slim Rx during your diet. By doing this, you will gradually find a balanced diet while avoiding taking back pounds. This stabilization phase can last up to 6 months depending on the food program you have followed.

  1. Plan your meals

Do not be fooled by your emotions! Continue to carefully choose your meals and the time you eat them as you did during your diet.

This will allow your body to maintain a good eating behavior and stabilize your blood sugar level . Always keep in mind that the amount of food and the number of calories you consume must be decreasing throughout the day: a lot in the morning, less at noon and even less at night.

Stock up on fruits and vegetables, prioritize fish and white meats , and eat starchy foods at lunchtime to avoid afternoon cravings.

  1. Keep watching your weight

It is imperative that you continue to weigh yourself regularly to monitor your weight. This will allow you to quickly make adjustments in case you take 2 pounds, after holidays or holidays for example. It will be easier for you to lose two pounds quickly than to lose five pounds later.

  1. Continue to exercise regularly

Sport is not just about losing weight, it’s also helping to stabilize it. By continuing to practice a regular sport, walking or running for example , you eliminate the calories you eat by starting to eat normally.

If you do not have time to go to the gym or go jogging frequently , adopt new daily habits to spend as much energy as possible. You could, for example, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or park your car in a parking lot located 15 minutes from your workplace to require you to walk 30 minutes a day.

All means are good for moving your body. In addition, the sport is very beneficial for your morale.

  1. Hydrate yourself properly

To avoid the yoyo effect, it is important that your body continues to eliminate toxins through the urine. And for this, you must consume between 1.5 and 2 liters of water each day. If not, your body will store the little you drink in your adipose tissue; it is the phenomenon of water retention . Drink enough and if you get tired of water, take tea or herbal tea. On the other hand, avoid as much as possible sodas and other carbonated drinks.

Here ! You now have all theĀ Keto Slim Rx cards in hand to avoid the setbacks of a yoyo effect . Use them and you can proudly display your new silhouette for a long time. This will also prevent you from linking several diets.

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