The 10 benefits of masturbation

From improving your mood to cancer prevention, here are 10 reasons why solo sessions are very good for your health

Sexual needs and desires should be met, whether your partner is present or not. Seriously, it’s good for your health, even if you hate to tackle this taboo subject.

According to a 2016 study by TENGA, a company that works for sexual health and wellbeing, 88% of the 1,200 Americans surveyed said they were masturbating, but one third of them would have lied. To make sure that men are no longer ashamed to tarvos testo¬†give themselves pleasure, the company is launching an online campaign called #that celebrates and encourages masturbation. It’s a movement that lasts all of May to open the debate on sexual well-being. Would you like to sign up ?

Do it online on D . You can say anonymously that you are masturbating enthusiastically (with or without a partner). You are not shy? You can promote the campaign via social networks with the hashtag . The first 250 participants to register will receive a free sex toy from. For each person who registers and / or uses the hashtag, TENGA will donate up to $ 10,000 to the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States.

Go ahead, it will help you understand what excites you, what can help you in your sex life with your partner. Masturbation also includes tons of benefits for your health. It boosts your mood, prevents cancer and lasts longer in bed , which will improve your self-confidence. Exploring your body is probably the best thing you can do today for your health.

1 – It boosts your mood
Work, friends, family, an unexpected … the stress is eating away at one day or another . Good news: no need to find a partner to have the neurotransmitters that make us feel good and that increase during sexual activity. You can masturbate. According to Ava Cadell, sex therapist and founder of Sexpert and Loveology University, masturbation distresses you and acts as an anti-depressant. It stimulates the release of endorphins from pleasure by the brain and improves your mood. Like sex.

2 – It improves your sleep
You may know that avoiding certain foods can improve your sleep quality , but did you know that you masturbate too? Yes, there is a reason why you want to sleep a few minutes after¬†tarvos testo enjoying. According to Science Line, when men ejaculate, it releases a lot of chemicals such as oxytocin, vasopressin and prolactin that naturally help you sleep. This is logical since to reach orgasm and take a nap, you must be relaxed. ” Masturbation can have a natural sedative effect on the body that helps you fight the effects of everyday stress and stress ,” says Cadell.

3 – It helps to cure a cold
According to a study published in the journal, having an orgasm can also help you cure a cold. For the experiment, 11 male volunteers were asked to masturbate from beginning to end while the researchers performed blood tests and recorded the results. It turned out that reaching orgasm increased the number of killer “cells” (called leukocytes) in men, which helped them maintain their immune systems in good health.

4 – It helps to make you last longer
Are you stressing for a first date? Masturbate about an hour before. According to Cadell, ” masturbating allows a man to allow himself to feel intense sensations without letting them take over .” This helps you to be more enduring while giving you more control, which decreases the risk of premature ejaculation . You know what they say, it is by practicing that one improves oneself.

5 – It reduces the risk of erection problem
According to a 2008 study published in The American Journal of Medicine , the best way to fight erection problems is to masturbate. In the five-year study, there were only 16 cases (out of 1,000) of erection problems among men who had sex three times a week, compared to 79 (out of 1,000) men who had sex less than once a week. Although the study was conducted on sex, Cadell explains that masturbation has the same effect because ” increased blood flow to the genitals can circulate fluids and make the organs work properly .”

6 – It avoids prostate cancer
Evacuating old fluids leaves the field free for fresh seeds and decreases the risk of developing prostate cancer by 33 percent . A 2004 Harvard study found that men who ejaculated 21 times a month were less likely to develop prostate cancer compared to those who ejaculated four to seven times a month. The exact link between masturbation and the risk of prostate cancer is unclear, but the goal is to get rid of carcinogens that can cause problems, says Cadell.

7 – It improves heart health
For those who hate cardio, here is a new tactic to try. A study published in The American Journal of Cardiology found that men who had an orgasm only once a month had 45 percent risk in addition to getting a cardiovascular disease or having a stroke, compared to those who had an orgasm more than twice a week. The researchers acknowledged that, yes, healthier men were more likely to have sex, which means they probably already have a healthy cardiovascular system. ” Increasing your heart rate [when you masturbate] is good for blood circulation and can reduce the chance of a heart attack ,” says Cadell.

8 – It makes you younger
People who seem really younger than their age probably all share the same secret: masturbation. Dr. David Weeks, a British psychologist, had the proof when he interviewed thousands of men and women (between the ages of 40 and 50) about their sex life and their health for ten years. The results revealed that those who seemed younger than their age had sex three times a week, compared to those who were their age and had sex twice a week. The reason is probably due to the influx of blood and the impact that a sexual relationship has on sleep, which helps to look younger.

It’s the same for masturbation. It can make you look younger by having a positive effect on brain cells, says Cadell. ” The key is” attentive masturbation “: being completely present and really enjoying every sensation during masturbation because it creates new neural paths in the brain .”

9 – It avoids sexually transmitted diseases
We know what you are saying, it makes sense, but honestly, have you ever heard of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in men and their symptoms? It will certainly make you want to masturbate more often. In addition, single men may find it difficult to find a partner who would like to have sex as often as they do.

10 – It increases the service life
We already know that a solid exercise program associated with a healthy diet increases your life and keeps you healthy. But did you know that more frequent sexual activity (including solo sessions) could also extend your life? According to a 20-year study published in the British Medical Journal , men who have the most orgasms have a better quality of life and live longer than those who enjoy less. It makes sense when you think of all the other benefits mentioned above. When you decrease the risk of having certain cancers and certain heart diseases and when you reduce the stress that can cause illness, you get a recipe to be healthier and live longer and happier!

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